Dream Journal

Here I will post the dreams that I'll experience during the night.


I found myself in an apartment very similar to the one where I lived as a kid, it was full of boxes and furniture to be assembled or replaced, in one room at the end of the hallway there was a double mattress with various pieces of furniture (like a desk, a closet to be assembled and a frame of a bed also to be assembled), on the mattress was sitting a girl with thin features, face reminding me of an old friend of mine but she had teal hair, her voice was high-pitched/squeaky/idk how to describe it (lul) but it was a sweet voice, the apartment was hers and I was helping her set up the furniture, every now and then we would take a break to rest and chat, I don't remember what we were talking about but from the reactions we had we were having a good time.


Last night, I dreamt that I had to sneak into a castle with a friend. The castle bore a strong resemblance to Minecraft settings, featuring wide hallways and adorned with red carpets. The friend accompanying me on this covert mission was a spy. Upon successfully infiltrating the castle, we came upon a grand banquet laden with an array of food, including pizza. Naturally, we took a break to indulge :) Prior to entering the castle, I recall finding myself on a road by a river, which was separated by a descent. Additionally, the area was teeming with mobs comprised of various minerals, including Creepers that would drop diamonds when defeated.


I dreamed that I had a mini apartment or cubicle in Milan, right in the square in front of the polytechnic. I was with a friend, and we were watching tournaments of Pokémon Black 2. I recall that in one of the teams, there was a Latios and a Landorus in their Therian forms. After watching the tournament, I found myself following Finn and Jake as they tried to capture some ice cream.